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Chinese Straight

2d digital animation, illustrations, 2016

Commissioned by SBS for their True Stories podcast series, Chinese Straight by Maxine Beneba Clarke recounts some dark high school times.

Alice and Olivia series

2d digital animation, 2015

Stace Face celebrating Christmas and holidaying in Dubai & Doha. See more on

Choupette series for Karl Lagerfeld

2d digital animation, 50secs, 2014-15

Choupette gets up to all kinds of things in all kinds of places! Explore the full series on

Tenochtitlan: Aztec City

2d digital animation, 15:00, 2014

A dynamic short film about the ancient city of the Aztecs. Presented aloggside the Aztec cultural exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, 2014.

Polite Pet Month

Stop-motion, 1:30, 2014

Gloomy paper pets get set straight at the vet. Written by Zoe Adler Bishop with music by Daniel Clinch for the Australian Veterinary Association.

Who Gives A Crap Christmas Edition

Stop-motion, 1:34, 2013

This is a stop-motion film, starring rolls of toilet paper, inspiring people to buy a useful bathroom gift for Christmas. Who Gives A Crap is a Melbourne based mail-order toilet paper company which donates 50% of their profits towards providing access to toilets in the developing world.

Toy Stories

2d digital animation, 8 X 1:30, 2013

Eight stories for Museum Victoria's First Peoples exhibition. The animations describe the uses of different aboriginal children's toys from around Australia.

Familia Moja Children's Home

Stop-motion paper cutout, 48secs, 2013

Familia Moja Children's Home commissioned me to make a short film as a request for crowd funding so that they can build a bakery and become self-suffucient.

Big Ben

Stop-motion paper cutout, 1:17, 2012

Moooi commissioned me to make a video for London Design Week to promote their new clock design by Marcel Wanders. Music by The Bluebottles.

Impress A Penguin

2d digital animated illustration, 2012

Commissioned by Penguin as an inventive way to advertise a new job..

Regina Spektor album promo.

Stop-motion paper cutout, 15secs, 2012

Commissioned by Warner Music to promote Regina Spektor'salbum, What We Saw from the Cheap Seats.

The Penguin English Library opens its doors

2d digital animation, 2:14, 2012

Directed by Woof Wan-Bau for Penguin Books. I animated the penguin!

Kimbra album promo.

Stop-motion paper cutout, 15secs, 2011

Commissioned by Warner Music to promote the debut Kimbra album, VOWS.

Imagination Adventure

Stop-motion paper cutout, 1:30, 2010.

Commissioned by US kid's TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba.


Flash animation loop, 2010.

Collaboration with Tin & Ed for Lee Jeans.

NLNW pizza animation

Animated pizza for National Literacy and Numeracy Week Community Service Announcement, 2010

Frankie & Johnny

Animation for Lula Magazine online, 2010

Planet of the Primes

Animated backgrounds for Simon Pampena's maths comedy show, Planet of the Primes, 2010

Lulou et Celine - Sheep's Clothing

Animation for Sesame Media online fashion magazine, 2009


Animation/video for Wrigleys gum, 2009

Super Mega Maths Battle For Planet Earth!

Animated sequences for Simon Pampena's touring maths comedy show, 2009. Check out more about Simon Pampena. We'll be working together again on his 2010 tour!


Animation for a performance by the Melbourne Women's Circus directed by Nadja Kostich, 2008

You Can Do Maths

Animated sequences in two Public Service Announcements for Australian Association of Maths Teachers, 2008

Level Two Music

Animated showreel. This is an edited version that doesn't contain any of the Level Two content. To see what Level Two do go HERE

Crumpler ABC

Series of looped animations and interactive designs, 2006.

Collaboration with Tin & Ed for a Crumpler catalogue.

Planet Crumpler

Cinema advertisment for Crumpler Bags. Design by Tin&Ed, 2005