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City of Casey Animation Workshops

July 2015

I worked with Kate Matthews to help the kids of Casey produce this marvelous animated alphabet!

The Assembly Rooms

April - June 2015

I taught a term of after school animation classes to a wonderful group of 8-12 yo kids at The Assembly Rooms.

Science Centre Singapore - Interplay

May 2015

Cat Rabbit and I delivered a stop-motion workshop at the Science Centre Singapore to coincide with the Ars Electronica exhibition, Interplay where we were presenting our installation work, A Matter of Factory.

ACMI Animation Challenge

May - September, 2014

A five-part animation workshop hosted by ACMI where participants put together an animation with a story they wrote collaboratively and made separate scenes in small groups with a

ACMI/ Signal Music Television Workshop

December 7, 2013

This video was directed by the brilliant youth from the Signal/ACMI MTV workshops, October 2013. With guidance, assistance and post-production by Isobel Knowles, Ryan Alexander Lloyd and Tim Bright.

Tarrawarra Museum of Art

October 3rd, 2013

I worked with Dell Stewart to create workshops for children to coincide with the Re-Animate exhibition at Tarrawarra Museum of Art. We made animal masks and skull masks and made an animation with the children.

Signal Screen Commissions

September, 2013

Through the Signal Screen Commissions project I mentored Meg Gough-Brooks while she created a beautiful stop-motion animation of a very sweet animal family going through their evening routine.

Signal Urban Mesh

Stop-Motion Animation, 8'55", 2012
Urban Mesh is a workshop program run by Signal Arts. They get 3 or 4 artists together to design and present a workshop over a weekend. This year the theme was 'mapping'. I worked together with Clare McCracken and Chris Parkinson and the young people who attended to make a bunch of cities on a linoleum island.

Big Hearted Business Conference

March 23rd, Abbotsford Convent

I spoke at the first Big Hearted Business Conference run by Clare Bowditch in the Abbotsford Convent. It was a wonderful event and I think everyone came away with many ideas and good feelings about their creative endeavours.

Soft Stories workshops

Cat Rabbit and I have run several craft workshops together since publishing our children's books, Owl Know How and Too Much for Turtle. Venues include the State Library during the Children's Book Festival, Harvest Textiles, No Vacancy, Salamanca Arts Centre, Science Centre Singapore, and at various bookshops and primary schools in Australia.


April, 2008

I worked with Joji Koyama to present a workshop to animation students in Mexico City during the Festival of Mexico. It's a stop-motion slice of the city through the eyes of the people who live there.