ACMI/ Signal Music Television Workshop

December 7, 2013

This video was directed by the brilliant youth from the Signal/ACMI MTV workshops, October 2013. With guidance, assistance and post-production by Isobel Knowles, Ryan Alexander Lloyd and Tim Bright.

The workshop was presented over two five hour days. The first day we spent choosing the song from a small pool, discussing some ideas and techniques. We made a storyboard and shot list and also got to work making the props and masks.

The second day was set aside for filming. We split into groups with some people doing live action shooting and some people animating. We had choreographers, cinematographers, art directors, set decorators, animators and of course actors and dancers.

There wasn't time to tackle any of the post-production, editing or grading during the workshop. Isobel and Ryan took care of this over the following couple of weeks. The clip was then presented at the Signal Arts Christmas Party to the workshop participants and their families.