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We collaborate on lots of projects.
We make books together!
The work Cat Rabbit and I make together.
Simon MacEwan is the go-to guy for EVERYTHING!
My band!
Aka. Simon Pampena, the mathemetician comedian. We're going to be working on some fun Maths stuff together this year.
Rossella teaches me Alexander Technique.
Tara makes the most beautiful pottery.
An artist/jeweller who makes everything sparkle.
Haima produces The Icypoles. He's also an electronics whiz and often knows best with anything logistical.
Helps me with anything to do with film production.
Everyone's favourite designers!
Supermelody, aka James Cecil did sound design on several of my projects. We also used to play in a band together!
The studio of the amazing Cornel Wilczek and friends.
They put on awesome events and released a flipbook with my animation.
An organisation that does incredible stuff for young artists. They commissioned I Fell Off My Bike.
I've been commissioned twice by them and they put on great new media exhibitions.
If you ever need an amazing holiday, get my friend Pauline to hook you up!