A Matter of Factory

An installation by Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles.
Felt, cardboard, straws, paper, wood, mechanics, sound equipment, ipads, media player, screen, 2013
Sound Design by Finn Robertson
Thank you to Simon MacEwan, Wade Lovich, Callum Addis, Benjamin Portas, Olga Bennett, Jasmine Roney.

Humans like to bend the universe to their will. Curiosity leads to experimentation, invention and eventually enterprise. As the dominant species humans can create new life forms, shape and design specialised pets, guide ‘natural selection’ in farm animals. Humans are constantly breeding in the profitable traits (or defects) without too much thought for the repercussions.

Humans are also currently interested in local and handmade products. In this climate the successful micro-business may thrive and reach a point where they need to choose whether to embrace the success and expand to meet demand or whether they remain simply self-sustaining without economic growth. To industrialise, or not to industrialise? That is the question.

Made up of ephemeral kinetic cardboard structures and stop-motion animations, A matter of factory is an installation exploring tensions between industrialisation and handcrafts to present the mass fabrication of the ultimate in designer pets and designer meats: the sausage-dog.

This was made in response to our fear of food industrialisation and overproduction. We're not actually against sausages though. Sausages are the food that uses up the scraps, which is a good thing. But there is an overproduction in all walks of industry and it's terrifying. 
Also made in response to our feelings about the industrialisation of handmade objects. It's can be hard to tell these days what was made en masse or what is one of a kind.

It was quite a learning curve figuring out how to use motors and cogs to run the conveyor belts. It was really hard to tell if it was all going to come together the way we had drawn it up on paper and it wasn't until a day or two before the install that we saw it all going. It was a pretty satisfying moment!