Click the bear to play with Charlotte.

A stop-motion interactive installation
Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine with Liam Fennessey.
Music by Finn Robertson.

September 2003
Black Box, Melbourne
Part of the Experimenta House of Tomorrow exhibition.
An Experimenta New Visions Commission.

In the future, children don't make friends, they give birth to them. So, what happens when a child's fantasy of a living, breathing doll becomes a reality?

Meet Charlotte, an 8 year old girl. With a squeeze of her teddy bear, she gives birth to a playmate.

Expecting blends the real, the virtual and the not too distant future to examine the very contemporary notions of isolation and detachment. In an environment that appears nurturing, yet is ultimately controlling and lonely, a child's body combines with a teddy bear to become a baby-making appliance. Your interaction with Charlotte does not serve to liberate her. Despite your best intentions, you can only perpetuate her disengagement with the social world.

Also exhibited:
Biennale of New Media Art, Korea, 2004
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, 2006
The Institute of Contemporary Art, London, 2006
Accross Australia during 2005 as part of the House of Tomorrow National tour.