This Penguin is feeling
a little lonely.


He spends his time hard at work at Penguin Press in London, publishing some of the greatest books ever written . . .

Literary classics – by the likes of Orwell and Camus, Cervantes, Austen, Dickens, and Dostoyevsky – and best-selling non-fiction that's engrossing and mind-expanding – from Daniel Kahneman, Ian Kershaw, Brian Cox, Malcolm Gladwell and many more.


He already has a lot of friends . . .

. . . but he would like to make even more.
Penguins are sociable animals. They like to surround themselves with large groups of book-lovers.

We're looking for someone to join our team who has great ideas about how to get the world reading our books and to get our readers talking. Is that you?

Can you impress the Penguin?

Someone once made us a little book about how much they wanted to design covers here, and now they do. We're interested in you and your ideas, your voice and your feeling for our books, however you want to share that, whether it's a Tumblr, a video, blueprints or a simple email.
So if you'd like to be the new Community Manager at Penguin Press, then, please, help us cheer up this Penguin. Tell him what you'd do to get people reading by emailing: