QUA vs Galactic Jungle!

In June 2009 I collaborated with Gus Kemp to create a visual installation/ performance to accompany a live set from Qua. We spent a few months making trees with mirrored leaves, giant shadow puppets, inflatable floating lions, animations and various other bits and pieces. We had 5 overhead projectors with starscapes and lighting gel jungle imagery. I made animations that were inspired by a dream Cornel (qua) had about a man made out of stars who was blowing up the city. We made floating lions with helium balloons attached that hung above the audience and also appeared in animated form on the screen. For the finale we hooked the drummer up to a giant shadow puppet behind the screen and lit it from behind. When James used his drumsticks, the ropes and pulleys attached made the puppet danced. I worked the feet. It was pretty spectacular! We re-enacted it a month later at the Workers Club Sundae Series.